Unity ScriptedImporters and the Timeline API

Overview Unity’s editor scripting is part of what makes the engine so attractive. Writing tools that directly interact with the rest of your game code is powerful and can make a large difference in the productivity of teams of all sizes. It also leads to a healthy landscape of third party integrations. In this post I will describe how two new Unity APIs allowed us to create a well integrated Unity toolkit for AnimVR and go through issues you might run into.

Path Graph

This project was born out of my frustation with making figures that illustrate processes in ray/path tracing algorithm. Particularly in the context of my seminar report about “Gradient Domain Path Tracing” creating figures by hand was not feasible. Path Graph gives you a flexible framework to visualize all kinds of situations. You can write your scattering functions directly in the browser and see the results immediatly. It also provides various visualization modes and SVG export functionality.