Blood Trial

Blood Trial is the game my team and I made at the Global Game Jam 2013 in Berlin. It is a 2D one-screen brawler. Somewhat in the style of Super Smash Bros. 2 – 4 player fight in an arena style setting to win the favor of the gods. They gain favor by ripping other players hearts out and sacrificing them at the pyramide.We had 48 hours to finish this game and it was a blast.

Candy Adventure

Candy Adventure is a short 3D adventure game made for the Candy Jam in six days.


Schubsma is a game I worked on during a 24 hour game jam for the show “Pixelmacher” of the German TV channel “ZDF Kultur”. They wanted a team of six people to create a game about motherhood for an episode with the theme “heroine”. I was one of the three programmers and worked with one producer and two artists. We implemented the first prototype on one weekend, having never worked together before.