Path Graph

Pretty visualizations for ray tracing algorithms.


Run, jump, and use devious weapons to become the fastest Runner of all time! Compete in breakneck, multiplayer races against friends and other people you don’t care about!

Blood Trial

A 2D one-screen brawler, somewhat in the style of Super Smash Bros. 2 – 4 player fight in an arena style setting to win the favor of the gods.

Candy Adventure

Candy Adventure is a short 3D adventure game made for the Candy Jam in six days.

Joe X

Joe X is a 2D arcade spectacle fighter.


Meltdown is a mobile game for Android in which you have to guide the alcoholic polar bear Gus through the melting arctic.


SPiN WARS is a fun party game for 2 – 4 players. It can be played on mobile platforms as well as on PC, Mac and Linux.


A game jame game about motherhood. Made for the show "Pixelmacher" of the German TV channel "ZDF Kultur"

Sheep Shack

Sheep Shack is the latest action puzzle game that combines an innovative puzzle mix with adorable characters, resulting in addictive gameplay for all ages. Your new, adorable sheep friends need your help! Feed them, shear them and kill the angry wolves.

Space Team: Pocket Planets

Space Team is a mobile game in which you have to take care of a miniature planet. Your task is it to keep the inhabitants of your planets happy.