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##The Setup I’m currently working on the computer graphics side of things of a little tool that allows constructive solid geometry (CSG) sculpting in Unity3D. In particular, I take a set of signed distance field brushes and use sphere tracing to render them. The current in progress version produces results like this: WIP Results If you want to know more about these techniques you should check out Inigo Quilez’ site, he’s written lots of great articles on the subject.

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Why 2D lighting? The lighting system is one of Specter’s main features. It allows us to add a lot of atmosphere to a level and make art reuse less obvious. Also, it looks pretty. The base system is actually older than this project. I first implemented it for a project which unfortunately got called off (that’s also where I met Blair, the artist and game designer behind Specter). At the time it produced results like this: Since then I spent quite a bit of time on it, adding new features, optimizing, etc.

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1. Particle Rendering All particles are rendered in additive blending mode. This allows for nice fire effects, which is the main application of particle systems in Specter. Effects like smoke or dust are hard to achieve this way, but until now we haven’t had need for them. Due to the fact that I only want to apply the additive blending to the particles themselves and not to the scene I have to render them to a separate render target.

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Run, jump, and use devious weapons to become the fastest Runner of all time! Compete in breakneck, multiplayer races against friends and other people you don’t care about!

Joe X

Joe X is a 2D arcade spectacle fighter.


Specter is a singleplayer action platformer with puzzle elements. Think Mario meets Castlevania.


A CPU Raytracer